05:00 - 06:00 @ Hardstyle

Which of your tracks should every harder styles fan know?
“Omega”, “Shock Therapy” and “Rampage” And they do as I can see when I party with them. ;)

What’s your favorite track of 2019?
Very hard question... Can I take two haha? “Keltek - One Tribe”. That melody and climax just gives me the most incredible goosebumps and feelings since years on a track. “D-Block & S-te-Fan - Brace Yourself”. Just a masterpiece and nothing more to say.

What’s your all-time favorite track of any genre?
Well, I am still love listening to Dubstep and as Skrillex was one of aboslute fav`s I would say “Make It Bun Dem”. Always brings my mood up haha! Maybe because this track is linked to so many great moments in my life.